• What goes below a panel is as critical as the panel itself.
  • Optimized Mounting structures, fostering grid parity.
  • Mount your investments on intelligent structures.
  • Products that stand the test of time, usage, and cost.






Low elevated Roof top mounting


The structure of the systems with wind shield is specially designed (shaped as elongated triangle) for flat roof with limited load capacity. Sloped wind deflector on the rear side seals the system and reduces the suction force of the wind on the system. When the wind penetrates through the gaps, shield supports in preventing uniform distribution of air flow causing strong three dimensional flow patterns. Attached wind shield produces aerodynamic effect making the system stable under big wind load and prevents the frame from overturning/lifting by high wind.


The solution is advised for flat RCC roofs with shading issues. The structure solution name itself is self explanatory. These structures can be designed for ground clearance upto 1000mm and they can easily combat wind loads caused by winds upto 180 Kmph.
They can be customised for varied array combinations to accommodate 4-20 modules per structure. The tilt can vary from 5-25 degrees.

High elevtaed Roof top mounting


  • This is a low lying structure and hence the windloads are dramatically lesser compared to an elevated structure
  • A wind shield is provided which enables aerodynamic design capable of taking windloads of 180 Kmph
  • Premium materials like Pre-galvanized steel for purlins and Aluminium clamps for module mounting are used and hence highly durable
  • This is compatible for any module type
  • Since it is a modular structure, Installation involves only nut and bolt mechanism And can be done by unskilled personnel also
  • Installation via Nuevo-Fix will take a days time and hence final project completion is much quicker unlike the conventional structure. 100 KW can be easily Installed in One day.
  • Its a non penetrative rooftop solution
  • A concrete ballast is provided for counter weight. Casting the concrete blocks is the only in-situ work which needs be done, which is very minimal and not at all labor intensive
  • There are no point loads acting on the roof and hence no need to compromise with the structural integrity of the existing building roof unlike the penetrative structures
  • A Rubber/ Foam sheet is provided to give enough friction between roof and the structure
  • Maintenance is made easy due to the modular structure where one can easily replace, repair or refurbish

Elevated ballast

  • It can be elevated to a height of 1000mm.
  • Light weight high strength material used for structure components.
  • Can tackle obstructions on the roof and can provide maximum energy output
  • Non penetrative structure.
  • Industry grade resin is used for fixing concrete ballasts to the roof.
  • The structure is designed to take wind loads upto 180kmph
  • Premium materials like Pre-galvanized steel for purlins and Aluminium clamps for module mounting are used and hence highly durable
  • Compatible for any module type.


Field of Application Rooftop Mount, Fixed
PV modules All types (Framed, Frameless)
Module Orientation Landscape / Portrait
Material Mild Steel, HDG of 80 microns and Pre – Galvanized sheets of 550 GSM
Connecting elements SS 304, Grade 8.8
Weight per m2 module surface 7 – 8kg
Code & Software
  • Calculation principles in accordance with IS 875 for design load in structures and IS 800 for steel construction.
  • STAAD-Pro is a structural engineering software to analyze and design virtually any type of structure through its flexible modelling environment.
  • FEM analysis for connection design as a final check.


  • Triangle shaped system is an optimized solution for a project specific customization
  • Quick mounting due to reduced number of components with low installation efforts
  • No ground penetrations required
  • Modular structure suitable for any system size
  • Durable and long lasting materials
  • Stable under extreme weather conditions