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Solar Mounting Systems

Conceived out of the knowledge of real world conditions under which solar mounting structures should perform, our ground mounted products have their feet firmly grounded in durability, adaptability and reliability thus fulfilling varied requirements

Ultima Mounting Structure-cat

Solar Mounting > Nuevo Ultima

This is the most economical fixed tilt structure solution in the market and it is designed to last for 25 years. This simple design allows for faster manufacturing and installation. This offers customisation for various tilts required pan India. This can be installed also on uneven terrain without the need of land levelling.

Solar Mounting > Nuevo Tilt

An innovative solution designed to accommodate for the seasonal movement of the Sun in the north –south direction. In this solution the structures tilt angle can be changed with respect to the Suns elevation.

Tilt Mounting Structure-cat
Trac Mounting Structure-cat

Solar Mounting > Nuevo Trac

Equipped with state-of-art safety mechanisms like wind-load sensors, the Nuevo – TRAC solar mounting systems are designed to resist unexpected wind loads at various angles.

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